Accept all calls if you are looking for a job

I don’t understand why people feel the need to not accept blocked calls.  I am a recruiter and yes my phone has a blocked number because I work from a home office and recruit for positions in all time zones of the US.  People these days live by their caller ID and don’t even listen to their messages. They just call back the number on the caller ID which means I would get call backs at all hours of the day/night.  I prefer to not to be awakened by a call at 5:00 PST from someone on the East coast.  This does happen because job seekers don’t accept calls from blocked numbers so I have to resort to using my cell phone to call them. Then, they don’t listen to the message of what number to call back and call the Caller ID number at what they think is a reasonable time in their time zone. 

Why are you really not taking calls from blocked numbers?  I have Caller ID and rarely do I get a soliciter with an unknown number.  I do get a lot of soliciter calls daily, but thier numbers are displayed.  If you are looking for a job and have applied to positions online, should you really be screening your calls?  We are in a virtual world now and more and more people/recruiters work from a home office.

Does it make sense to apply to positions, then screen your calls out because someone has a blocked number?  Do you ever wonder how many calls you miss because you are not available?



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