School age boys don’t belong in the women’s bathroom

I took the day off work yesterday and took my family to Disneyland to celebrate my son’s birthday. We had a wonderful day. I find that I have become very annoyed to see boys in the women’s bathrooms. I have seen this on more than one occasion and I am not talking about toddlers or under 5 year olds. These are boys that look to be about 9 or 10. They are old enough to go in the men’s bathroom by themselves and they know the difference. My stand is that if your child goes to grade school, then they can go to the bathroom by themselves.

I remember when my son was 4 and when we were at an Angels baseball game. I tried to take him with me to the restroom, but he refused and ran into the appropriate men’s room to go by himself. He was in there a long time and I could not go in after him. There were plenty of dads and kids that came out of the bathroom that were happy to go back in and check on my child for me. This has happened a few times as I waited outside the door. At four years old he was embarrassed to go into the womens bathroom and knew the difference. Can you imagine the embarrassment of a 9 or 10 year old having to go in the women’s room? Let your sons be independent and confident in themselves.

Kids are smarter than we give them credit for. One time I told my son to go and I would wait for him outside the rest room after I went to mine. After a long time, I sent other dads in to check to see if he was okay. He was not there. Instead he went back to our seats in the upper view section and was waiting for us. Good thing for cell phones that I was able to call my husband in the seats and he was there.

It is time for you mom’s of over 5 year olds to let your kids be independent and use the bathroom by themselves. There is nothing wrong with waiting outside the men’s room for him to come out. Other parents are sympathetic to you and are happy to check on your son for you if it takes too long.


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