Do you work from home and call in sick?

I have this problem called my conscious.  I work from a home office, but I have the most difficult time calling in sick.  There are days that I feel sick with a cold and if I worked in an office I would call out sick.  But since I work from home, I don’t have anyone to infect (other than my family who gave it to me) and power up the laptop anyways.  I can still check email or search for candidates without speaking to a person. Inevidably I still check my voicemail and have just one more call to make before I can rest.  I continue in that just one more item accomplished attitude for almost all day before I rest.

I never use the 5 sick days I am allotted and really should to get the rest I need to function fully as a mom and full time employee.  There have been days that when I am sick, I go back to bed for an hour unable to sleep and get back up to my computer. I wish I was able to sleep on command.

I know of other associates and managers that when they are sick, they work from home instead of the office. How is this really getting the rest you need to recover and be healthy?  I am sure I am not alone in this dilemna amoungst working from home associates.  Hopefully, I will learn one day to call in sick and be sick for the whole day.





2 thoughts on “Do you work from home and call in sick?

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