Do your kids think Mom is a Magician?

I love my son who is smart, funny, and has a great personality.  Time management is another issue.  Last night at dinner (6:15), my son tells me he needs a Ben Franklin costume for tomorrow for his Walk Through the American Revolution at school and a dressy outfit (no jeans) for his band concert tomorrow night.  We have no free time in between.  We were headed out the door last night to his Boy Scout meeting, I work all day today while he had school play practice afterschool ending an hour before he needs to be back for the concert.  When did he expect me to buy clothes for him?  We lucked out on the Ben Franklin outfit as that was the easy one due to a wig we bought several years ago when he was Thomas Jefferson in 2nd grade. 

I picked him up from school and he asked me if I went out and bought him dress pants.  Are you kidding?  I didn’t even buy dress pants for him for Christmas as his dark jeans are the only thing dressy he wears.  He still wears shorts to school everyday, so the dark wash jeans are dressy for him.  Am I a bad mom because I didn’t spend the $40 on a pair of pants that he would wear one time for one hour? Unfortunately, he wears a men’s small size and he is one of the biggest kids in the class that he doesn’t have anyone to borrow close from.  I refuse to buy dress pants in the spring because he would grow out of them before he would wear them at Christmas.  I love him and will make sure he looks nice, but new clothes with less than 24 hours notice is not happening here.  Some moms are magical and have the time to make it all happen.  This mom would like to see her son give her a little more notice.


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