Baseball Camraderie Goes beyond the Team

This is my favorite time of year…… Baseball Season!  I am not talking about MLB (although I do follow the Angels), but Little League Baseball. It is fun for the whole family and my family becomes extended.  I become obsessed with my son’s team and my feelings are shared with the other families on the team, or so I assume.  I know my son loves playing baseball, but I am pretty sure I love it just as much as him.

Fortunately or Unfortunately, my husband is just as obsessed as me.  We love to watch our son at every practice.  Okay, so mainly my husband loves to help out at as many practices as he can and I love to hang out with the moms and watch our sons improve. Although baseball is a team sport, we get to see our child in the spotlight every time he is up to bat and becomes that individual contributer.  It is exciting to see him play smart baseball, get a hit, strike out a batter, make a great catch, etc.  It is great to see that each of us pays attention to all the boy’s performances and are able to cheer each on when the spotlight is on them.  During the 4 month season we get to see each child grow and get better.  Winning is highly enjoyable, but seeing the boys have fun and play a great game is what it is about. 

I love by baseball family. This consists of the 12 boys’ parents, siblings, and other family members that come to cheer them on.  Sitting in the bleachers last night was the epitome of my baseball family. We got to get to know each other better while supporting each other’s son.  I am fortunate to be part of a wonderful team where the parents are close.  Last night one of the moms brought ingredients and made a spicy cranberry salsa to share with the parents on the bleachers.  Homemade salsa and chips while watching the game rocks!  You never know what fun can happen in the bleachers.  We ended the night with some time hanging out at the snack shack then a few families going out to dinner and discussing baseball for another couple hours.  Although my daughter may resent at times always beting at the ballpark for my son’s games, she knows that she always has other girl siblings to hang out with and play on the playground.  I also budget the snack shack pretzel for her as well plus it gives her more to do during the game.  The girls are always happy to have friends to play with.

Our season consists of baseball talk prior to the game, during the game, and during dinner eating out after the game. Last year we had so many impromtu pizza parties after our games, that I have made adjustments to include this as a budgeted item each week in my checkbook. You recreate these celebrations. 

As a baseball family, we look out for each other’s kids and get to know the grandparents as well.  It is not just the parents on my team that are part of the family.  After so many years of playing you get to know the families on the other teams in your division and truly root for the success of your friend’s sons even if they are playing you.  Baseball is more than a community sport, it is a family.

Go AAA Red Sox!




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