Truths about Working From Home

I work.  Yes, People that work from home actually work and learn to get more accomplished in the quiet empty house than being in an office with distractions. 


No, I am not tempted to do housework.  That is a chore for the whole family to enjoy.  Work work is much more fulfilling than housework.  I will admit that I do enjoy the option to throw a load of laundry in a couple times a week, but I can assure you the task of folding and putting it away is for the whole family to enjoy. 

There are times when I might put my dirty dishes in the dishwasher while I am making myself lunch.  The truth is that I do this while waiting for my leftovers from last night to heat up in the microwave. I tend to each leftovers for lunch each day.  Once lunch is made it is back to my desk and eating in front of the computer while working. I do save money on not going out to lunch everyday as I did when I worked in the office.  I almost always went out to lunch.  Now I go out to lunch about once a month and it tends to be a long lunch.  When I worked in the office I also did errands at lunch, but not now. Sit in front of the computer and eat your lunch.

Since I am home, I do get interrupted by my kids who call because they forgot to bring something to school. Thankfully, this is not everyday, but it does happen. It is nice to be able to pop in at school for and spend 45 minutes at the kid’s class parties once every 3 months. I love being able to participate in Family Picnic Day at the kids’ school having lunch with them twice a year.

It freaks me out when the doorbell rings.  My inner curiousity gets the best of me because I want to know who is there, but I don’t want to be interrupted.  On occasion it has been convenient for someone to drop something off at my house during the day, but there really is not chit chat involved as I do get right back to work. At Christmas time, I do enjoy being home for the UPS man and am able to hide my Amazon deliveries before the rest of the family gets home.

I spend so much less money on gas. I can now go two weeks in between fill ups.  I am horrible about submitting my expense report for my phone and internet, but I justify it by the amount of money I save on gas.


It is great to get off work at 5 or 5:30 and be home at the same time ready to start dinner. I am able to have dinner prepared and on the table at 6-6:30 every night for the family.  I also get to plan for my meals and have the whole day to remember to take meat out of the freezer for dinner tonight.  When you are in the office, you have to take it out before you leave or stop and getting something on the way home.

As much as I appreciate the quiet house during the day with nobody home, I go stir crazy.  I don’t get out enough.  My life consists of work at home, pick kids up from school, take son to baseball, make dinner and stay home with the family. Errands are done on weekends.  There are many times when I hit a wall and just have had too much home time and need to get dressed up and go out.  (I do get up, shower, and get dressed daily before work).  Thankfully, my husband understands this need to escape the house.  My sister also understands this need and is almost always there for me to go out and have a drink.

Conference calls are a time for me to put the call on speaker and mute myself.  Depending upon my role in the call, some I can enjoy and listen only.  I can get a lot accomplished on these calls like putting on make up, fixing lunch, loading the dishwasher, starting some laundry, then back to work on more emails.  Checking Facebook is sometimes a priority as well.

I am sure I can think of so many more wonderful things about working from home.  Working at home is work and not meant to be abused.  It is a huge benefit that contributes to a great work-life balance.



4 thoughts on “Truths about Working From Home

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  2. Julie, Oh how I can relate to your ever word. It is a joy to be home and have flexibility yet the peace to focus on the tasks that our busy days require. I WORK from home and it suits me.

  3. Love this! I cherish the work-from-days I get. And yes, I feel so much more productive because I’m not chatting and bouncing from meeting to meeting. I can understand you might go stir crazy though … not sure if I could do it every day. I love the balance if working from home twice a week and then heading into the office two or three days a week.

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