Sore from Vacation

I am sensing a running theme from my past 5 vacations over the years…… I exercise a lot more on vacation than I do at home. I don’t mean to, but it is just keeping up with the kids.  The past 5+ vacations with my kids were to some great places, but I return home with sore muscles every time.  Why do we always have to hike up hills and encounter 500 steps in a day?

A few years ago we went to Flagstaff with my husband’s family and visited some National Parks that consisted of hiking down, then up some pretty steep hills.  The kids love it, but I struggle to keep up. Next was supposed to be a relaxing vacation in Hawaii which again turned out to be hiking down to see the blowhole, then back up to the car.  We hiked to a waterfall.  The rest of the time was spent swimming in the ocean so now my legs and arms were sore.  Another vacation was hiking down the mountains in Crested Butte, CO. In addition to that I fell down the mountain and have a nasty scar on my knee that will never go away.

Last Spring Break we went to San Francisco and although we took the cable cars quite a bit, the kids decided to hike up Lombard Street!  What were they thinking?  That street is designed to drive down, not walk up.  The walk around Alcatraz Island was steep going up also.

This Spring Break I thought I was safe with a trip up the coast to Cambria.  Boy was I wrong again.  The day at Hearst Castle was 302 steps on our tour.  We stayed at a beautiful lodge in Cambria, but again it was on a hill that had stairs going down into town.  The kids thought it was a lot of fun to take the steps down and they enjoyed going up too.  The 302 steps at Hearst Castle was followed by 231 steps up from town to the lodge while my husband drove.  I am not sure if I was chaperoning the kids or if they were taking care of me to make sure I made it up okay.

Does everyone come back from vacation sore?  Why do I get sore at the beginning of the vacation and not at the end?  Is there a vacation destination that does not require hiking or stairs?  Maybe this is my punishment for not exercising on a regular basis.



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