Secret stash of ______?

 What is in your secret stash?  Is it just me or does everyone have a secret stash of something?  What is your something?  I don’t mean any illegal substances

I keep a secret stash of cash in my purse.  It is not a lot, but enough to borrow from and repay next time I go to the ATM. I am a firm believer that everybody should have a secret stash of $20 to $100 in their purse.  You never know when you run out of your everyday cash supply and may need to supplement at the last minute because you need to send cash to school with your child the next day for something.  Mine is there in case I need it and don’t have time to run to the ATM prior to the event.  It is a pet peeve of mine to see moms that don’t have money or their checkbook when you need it.   So my secret stash really isn’t secret as my family knows I have it, but it is for emergencies only.

The history of my secret stash is as follows.  When I was first married 16 years ago, I would take out $100 from the ATM and give my husband and I each $40 for lunch money for the week. Neither of us every brought our lunch. Obviously, that meant I was stashing away $20 a week and after 6 months I knew that I really shouldn’t be carrying around $500 in my purse.  I rectified this situation by going to the jewelry mart and buying myself some diamond earrings.  Now my stash is $100 or less. Sometimes my sister would write me a check for $40 and take that amount from my stash.  Mine will never get that high again, but I will never have less than $20 on me either.

Secret stashes are not limited to money. It can be any item that is hidden away for when you are desperate.  My last resort dinner stash is called a couple cans of chilli to feed the family when I don’t feel like cooking. 

I always have a secret stash of chocolate.  Unfortunately, my daughter finds that quite a bit and I have to share.  She is very resourceful. I am pretty sure she has a stash of other candy hidden in her room from me as well.

I know some moms who keep a stash of games or gifts in their closet to pull out when their child’s friend has a birthday and they didn’t have time to shop.

My sister, brother, and I all have a flask.  We know what that is hidden in that secret stash. Enough said.

I am a firm believer in having a secret stash of cash and many other things.  What do you keep in your secret stash?  How many people know and share your secret stash?  Yes, I know that it really isn’t secret then, but I like to go back to the Boy Scout motto of “Be Prepared”.  After reading this will you start to carry a secret stash of something?


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