Going to the Beach…Is it worth the trip?

I live in Sunny Southern California, North Orange County to be exact and I have always loved going to the beach.  Today was 95 degrees at  home in my Anaheim Hills backyard that has a pool.  I thought it was too hot to stay home and wanted something more than laying in the non-heated pool all day.  To be fair, the pool is probably about 70 degrees and the spa can be any temperature I want it to be above that. I knew going to the beach would be a 30 minutes commute and would be 15-20 degrees less.  The plus side about the beach is there are no distractions and the beach I go to does not have internet reception either.

As my family arrived at Corona Del Mar we unpacked our car and headed out to find a spot close to the water.  Being that is was such a hot day, everyone and their mother was at the beach.  Literally, it is Mother’s Day and we were all there. It was crowded and almost had no personal space between beach towels, seaweed, and other people.  But we were at the beach, so how bad can it really be?

The weather at the beach was overcast yet still warm enough that you had to go in the water to get cooled off.  My first thought is why did I leave my backyard to go to the beach and go in the 63 degree water?  I think it is so funny that I will not go in my pool at home when the water is less than 80 degrees, but at the beach the water never gets warmer than 68 degrees and I go in.  Why do I feel it is less disgusting to go in the ocean to take care of number 1 rather than go use the public restrooms way up across the sand? 

Three hours of uninterrupted family time and the inability to check Facebook was great.  The people watching is wonderful and it is so easy to listen to other’s conversations which I thoroughly enjoy.  This time nobody had music playing, so it was us, nature, and 1000+ other beach goers.  It is also fun to see what bathing suits people think it is acceptable to wear and how confident they must be with their bodies to wear something so skimpy where their ass is completely hanging out. Who can resist watching the little kids build sand castles and burying themselves in the sand? 

When it is time to go home, it takes 30 minutes to pack up, rinse off all the sand, and get back in the car for the 30 minute ride home.  Once you are home, you have to take another shower and put away the beach gear. It seems like a lot of work.  The reality is that if I stayed home in the backyard I would have had to clean the backyard and the pool and it is Mother’s Day after all.  Going to the beach is just a nice way to do something different and get away from it all.

For as much work as it is to have a pleasant day out at the beach is it worth it?  Do other people not go in their pool water when it is less than 80, yet think nothing of going in the 63 degree ocean water? 


When all is said and done, the uninterrupted family time and a chance to get a little color is always worth it to me.  A change of scenery and a day out of the norm is a good day out.


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