Bio: I have been married to Kevin for 16 years and we have 2 children (11 yr old boy and 9 yr old girl). I work full time from a home office and enjoy the work life balance of juggling a career and all the family activities. I am passionate about my kids' activities and like to be involved. Both kids are in school, afterschool childcare, scouts, and some team sport depending upon the season. I enjoy a good wine, whiskey, or beer and have become an alcohol snob (don't confuse with alcololic as I am not). I like cooking when I have the time and trying new recipes. My goal this year is to try a new and easy recipe a couple times a month. I enjoy family game nights. I have not gone to a movie or rented one in 5+ years. The only books I enjoy reading are trashy romances. My perfect summer day is spent on a floatie in my backyard pool with a trashy romance novel and cabana boy bringing me iced tea. My husband makes a great cabana boy! I enjoy hosting parties or dinners with friends. I am not artistically creative, but like art and have recently enjoyed taking a painting class. I wish I had it in me to go to church more. I love that most of my family is close by as are so many friends. I am also 44 years old, a Democrat, and am still trying to find more hobbies to enjoy in life.

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