Celebrity Look Alike


For years, and I mean at least 25+ years, people have come up to me and say that I look like someone they know.  My face is so familiar to them.  These people are women around my age that are also a product of sitcom in the 80’s.  “Excuse me, Is your name Mindy?”  My answer is always no, but I know exactly what they are talking about.  People think I look like and/or am Mindy Cohn or Natalie from The Facts of Life.  I do see the resemblance myself and it can be scary that I look more like her than I do my own sister.  She was my favorite character on the show as well because I could relate to her and her sense of humor.

How people approach me is kind of funny. They are never rude and many start off by saying they were put up to it by their girlfriends who had been debating for a while now whether it is Mindy or not.  Once I had a guy that knows me by name ask me.  His response was that he was put up to asking since he knows me.  He thought maybe I changed my name at some point.

Yesterday, a woman at the concert in the park approached me because I look so familiar to her.  Again, “Is your name Mindy?”  The funny part was that she admitted taking over 20 pictures of me and was googling Mindy Cohn on her phone to compare.  She then said something like you know that some famous people don’t look as good without make up and they thought maybe I was Mindy without make up.  While this is funny.  It sucks to be me as I was wearing make up and must still look like crap.

I really need to come up with a better and witty come back for these times.  I should also play along and charge people to take a picture with me.

I know she is not a popular celebrity anymore, but I would still love to meet her and get a picture with her.  I wonder if she knows she has a look alike out there and it is me.   What would people say to me if I tell them I am Mindy?  How much fun could I have to screw with other people’s minds?